Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Vacation Getaway" Treasury Challenge Winner: greensies (One Woman's Story of SINGLE-Handed Triumph Over Adversity)

Congratulations to Heather of greensies on Etsy on her win of theVacation Getaway treasury challenge!  Heather's treasury, "I'll Have a Lemonade and a Long Vacationreceived the most views of any of our treasury submissions on Etsy!   

'I'll Have a Lemonade and a Long Vacation' by greensies

Bright yellow vacation attire for the ENTIRE family :)
















We had such wistful and dreamy treasuries matching the vacation theme chosen by Deanna of BirdSong Bows on Etsy that I'm ready to pack my bags!  Thank you, EKTT curators, for your relaxing and inspiring treasuries.  Don't forget to keep your treasuries up-to-date as these are themes Etsy Admin will be picking from for the front page of Etsy throughout February.  For all of you EKTT fans, please click HERE to see the rest of our "Vacation Getaway" treasuries. 

greensies on Etsy is a children's boutique featuring clothing, appliqued and embellished onesies, and hair accessories designed and handmade by Heather.   greensies will customize each of her products to your specifications; enjoy selecting your favorite colors in the sizes you need!  But this was all before the incident.

Heather of greensies was so blown away by the news of her win that she forgot her finger was in the way of her knife!  Does a (nearly) severed finger stop this heroic mother and business woman in her tracks?  Can we find Heather lounging in bed watching soap operas and eating bon bons with her remaining hand?    

Heather of greensies on Etsy:  Single-handedly triumphing over the evils of severed fingers!
No rest for this physically challenged designer:  greensies on Etsy is having a Severed Finger 15% Off SALE!  The sale includes onesies of any size, and all ready-to-ship listings (no custom sizes, please!).  Please enter the Coupon Code, "onehand" during checkout and you will automatically receive the discount.
"I sliced my finger pretty good and am currently pretty much one-handed.  So I can manage to create appliqued onesies, but I can't manage anything else right now.  Puts a damper on things.  :(  I'm typing with one hand. Ha!"  -Heather of greensies on Etsy

We're so happy to see you didn't slice off your sense of humor, Heather!  Here's wishing you a speedy recovery, and many one-handed sales in between!  Go take a look at Heather's shop, greensies on Etsy, and help her pay some of her medical bills!

Brother and Sister Onesies by greensies on Etsy

EKTT Curators, be here tomorrow, Monday, February 14th, to get your first look at greensies' Weekly Treasury Challenge Theme (we promise it has nothing to do with missing appendages)!  Congratulations again, greensies, on your weekly treasury challenge win!  Be sure to stop by our EKTT Winners page and take a look at our EKTT Featured Members and Weekly Treasury Challenge Winners!  

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  1. Congratulations, Heather! And YIKES about the finger!! I hope that you have a super fast recovery. I think that you most certainly deserve some bon bons! Take good care of yourself!