Any EtsyKids Team member can join the EtsyKids Treasury Team.  We are NOT a juried photo treasury team.  Our treasuries spread the love not only to our EtsyKids Team members, but also to any family-friendly Etsy Seller's shop!  Please begin your journey of curating with us by joining our EtsyKids Treasury Team Ning group

EKTT Check List (See Below)

EtsyKids Treasury Team: Official Guidelines Step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks, and how to make Etsy front-page-worthy treasuries.  This guide is excellent for beginner's who have never curated an Etsy treasury before. 

Check List Items to Include in an EKTT Treasury & Where to Post Completed Treasuries
  • Four (4) active EtsyKids Team members featured in each EKTT treasury.
  • Minimum of two (2) EtsyKids Team members featured in the top 12 treasury slots.
  • Must feature your Partner in one of the upper 12 treasury slots.
  • Verify EtsyKids Team members on our Alphabetical Member List.
  • Use EKTT Official Team TAG on treasuries:  etsykids tteam
  • Only feature children's items from EtsyKids Team member's shops.
  • Obtain themes and tag using key words from The Storque's Monthly Merchandising Report.
  • Feature products that are Etsy TOU appropriate and family-friendly.  Vintage and commercial supplies must be in the correct categories.  Do not feature resellers (sellers who list commercial items as handmade).  Absolutely NO Trademark or Copyright infringement (no "handmade" listings displaying Disney, Hello Kitty, NFL or College team logos, fabrics, components, etc.).
  • Fill all 16 treasury slots with items from 16 different Etsy shops.
  • Notify all featured Etsy sellers of your treasury feature via Etsy Convo.  
  • Post your completed treasury url to EtsyKids Team Facebook Discussion Page.
  • You may tag all EKTT treasuries with all of your Etsy Teams including other treasury team tags!
  • Please try to feature some of your fellow curators (shop names and links are on EKTT Blog Sidebar) in your treasuries when possible.
  • Promote your completed treasury on Twitter and/or Facebook, but do not tag EtsyKids Team, please!  (Example:  Do not @EtsyKids)
Common Errors to Avoid
  • Do not use non-EtsyKids seller's slots to feature children's items that are not made by EtsyKids Team members. Explanation:  The deciding factor we use to make the judgment on what is or is not a children's listing is the listing tags.  The following listing tags are considered to be "owned" by EtsyKids Team:  children, kids, toys, nursery, baby, child, tot, toddler, nursery art.
  • Do not feature mis-taggers using our team tags on Etsy. Remember to verify active EtsyKids membership here: Alphabetical Member List.
  • Do not feature items from your own shop, please!
  • Do not feature more than one item from the same shop.
  • Do not post treasuries or anything treasury related directly to our EtsyKids Team Facebook Wall. EtsyKids Facebook Admin, Lilikins, is posting our treasuries to the wall so they appear in our news feed. Please do not tag EtsyKids Team when promoting your treasury on your own page. (See EtsyKids Facebook Guidelines to learn more.)
  • Do not post OLD treasuries to our discussion thread, please!  The only treasuries that should be posted on our EKTT Facebook discussion page are fresh curations, please do not wait hours or days to post your treasury.
Partner Treasury Check List
  • Feature your assigned partner plus 3 active, verified EtsyKids Team members in ONE treasury each month.  Your partner will feature you in one treasury as well.  You may feature your partner in one of our Weekly Treasury Challenges. 
  • You must feature your partner's shop in one of the top 12 treasury slots.     
  • Partner treasuries must meet the guidelines mentioned above with the only difference being the inclusion of your assigned partner.
  • The EKTT Featured Member must be included in one (1) treasury each month.  You may include the EKTT Featured Member along with your partner in your partner featured treasury.  You may include the EKTT Featured Member in any of our Weekly Treasury Challenges.
EKTT Monthly Requirements
  • Curate a minimum of three (3) EtsyKids Treasury Team treasuries per month.
  • One (1) treasury featuring your assigned partner is required each month. 
  • Please include our EKTT Featured Member in one (1) treasury each month.
  • Curate each treasury using the guidelines above.
  • Weekly Treasury Challenges are being posted with provided themes on our EKTT Blog.  Participation in Weekly Treasury Challenges is not required, but winning does bring promotional benefits to your Etsy shop.
  • Being an EKTT curator does count as an EtsyKids membership contribution. Your EtsyKids Treasury Team Coordinator will deliver a list of EKTT Curators who completed their monthly required treasuries to Jocelyn of The Little LOVE Bug to cover your EKTT membership contribution. Please do not post anything EKTT related on The Little LOVE Bug's Ning thread for monthly contributions. Thank you!
Special Help for the Curator
Beginner's Guide to Treasury Making and Tips on Making Front Page Worthy Treasuries