Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lazy Day Artifacts Attacks the Pounce Me Challenge and Wins!

We were thrilled to see all the wonderful themes and cohesive treasuries that resulted from our recent Pounce Me for Fun Challenge!  Pouncing allows Etsy site visitors to discover new sellers who have not yet had their first sale.

Lisabeth of Lazy Day Artifacts rose to the top in views for her "Pouncing on Shades of Oranges and Greys" treasury!  Congratulations Lazy Day Artifacts for discovering a fantastic group of new sellers and coordinating a gorgeous treasury including our EtsyKids Team members!  

Lazy Day Artifacts "Pouncing on Shades of Oranges and Greys"

Lisabeth of Lazy Day Artifacts on Etsy makes the most adorable boutique baby cloaks, toddler swing jackets, and pants for the cloth diapered baby.  I really love her hooded swing cloaks and coats--so practical and fashionable for your little girl!  Pictured below is a lightweight swing coat in the perfect warm shades for Fall and Winter from Lazy Day Artifacts.

Lazy Day Artifacts - Lightweight Child's Swing Jacket

Now is the time to head to Lazy Day Artifacts on Etsy and complete your children's Fall and Winter wardrobes!  Please use any of the clickable links to visit Lisabeth's Etsy Shop!

Congratulations Lisabeth on your treasury challenge win, and thanks to all the EKTT who participated in our Pounce Me for Fun Challenge!  Hoping to see your curating efforts on the front page of Etsy soon!

EKTT Coordinator

Ana's Baby Couture Gets Cozy on Etsy's FRONT PAGE!

Congratulations to Ana of Ana's Baby Couture on Etsy for her gorgeous front  page curating job, "Love Lives Cozy Here."  Way to take the EtsyKids Team to the honor spot on Etsy, Ana!  Congratulations to all the EtsyKids teammates showcased in this collection!
Ana's Baby Couture's Front Page "Love Lives Cozy Here"

Ana of Ana's Baby Couture has been one of EtsyKids Treasury Team's top curators in volume of treasuries created for the month of October.  Ana has done a great job of keeping an eye on the merchandising report for her themes.  She's a good example to follow in how to achieve the front page of Etsy--if you curate according to the merchandising suggestions it will be noticed!

A warm thank you to each EKTT curator for your October contributions.  I look forward to seeing more of your treasuries featured by Etsy!  Let's all give Ana a big round of applause for this excellent front page!

EKTT Coordinator

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kelsie Paige Clothing ROCKS the Gift Guide Challenge!

Congratulations to Courtney of Kelsie Paige Clothing on Etsy who won the Big Guys/Little Guys Gift Guide Fun Challenge!  Kelsie Paige Clothing's treasury "From Boys to Men....They ROCK!!!!!!" had the most views of any of our gift guide challenge treasuries--impressive!  We had amazing submissions from many of our EKTT members, and I fully expect to see some or all of you hitting the front page of Etsy with these gorgeous gift guides!

Kelsie Paige Clothing wins the Fun Gift Guide Challenge!

Kelsie Paige Clothing offers designer clothing and often matching hair accessories for your darling diva using the latest designer fabrics and inspiring top fashion trends.  Pictured below is one of Courtney's delicious peasant tops from Kelsie Paige Clothing on Etsy.

Kelsie Paige Clothing Peasant Top

Welcome to the EKTT, Courtney, and congratulations on your first challenge win!  You won't want to miss what's happening at Kelsie Paige Clothing--be sure to visit her Etsy shop using her hyperlinked shop name in this post!

A warm thanks to all EKTT curators who submitted Gift Guide treasuries!  They were all beautiful, and just because you're not the challenge winner doesn't mean we won't see you on the front page of Etsy!  

EtsyKids Team is just full of talented, child-focused designers.  Keep up with the latest by becoming a fan of EtsyKids Team on Facebook where our EKTT curators will inform you of the best in handmade and vintage items on Etsy!

EKTT Coordinator

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Front Page of Etsy goes to: EtsyKids Treasury Team!

Happy to announce that our EKTT was represented on the front page of Etsy this morning!  This is the 3rd front page appearance for the EKTT in our very first month of treasury making!

Have we learned any lessons?  It's very important to keep our eyes on the trends of Etsy's front page!  Another useful tool in tracking Etsy's pulse is to take notice of front page treasury tags.  No one can be on Etsy's front page every hour, but please stop by when you have a few moments.  Are you stuck for a treasury theme?  Seek out inspiration on the front page--don't copy the treasury, but an object inside it might inspire your very own theme!

The treasury "Primary Pounce" which made the front page today included mostly new shops found by using Etsy's Pounce feature!  In honor of this front page, and just because it's so darn much fun, we're having a Pounce ME for FUN Treasury Challenge!

Pounce Me begins on Sunday and lasts through Tuesday at midnight!  The winner will be the treasury with the most views on Etsy!  Winner takes home a blog feature here, and a feature in a treasury made by me!

Please remember, most new Etsians know nothing about treasuries so explain in your notification, and politely ask them to stop by and leave a comment.  Dangle the front page carrot--flash those pearly whites! 

Happy Pouncing EKTT Curators,
EKTT Coordinator 

Friday, October 22, 2010

October Treasury Challenge Winner: The Green Goat

Congratulations to our EKTT curator, Mary, of The Green Goat on Etsy for winning our October EKTT Challenge!  The votes were cast, and you picked The Green Goat's "Nothing edible here, but yet all so delicious!" as the treasury best representing "Halloween:  Sweet Treats" (chosen by Leighann of GracieBones Boutique).

The Green Goat Wins October's Treasury Challenge!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge and to Leighann for choosing our October theme!  We all look forward to making a November treasury to honor Mary of The Green Goat, and can't wait to see the theme she will choose for November's Challenge!

Stay tuned, November 1st will bring a very special blog interview with Mary to kick off her EKTT feature month!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2nd FRONT PAGE of Etsy for the EKTT! Congrats ittybittybirdy!

Shouting out our congratulations to Chelsea Ann of ittybittybirdy who curated a front page of Etsy treasury for the EtsyKids Treasury Team!  Congratulations to all our EtsyKids teammates featured in this beautiful treasury!  We are so very proud of Chelsea's "A Perfect October Afternoon" curation!

Keep up the great work, curators, and you too can have a part in taking the EKTT to the front page of Etsy!

Proud EKTT Mama,
EKTT Coordinator

Monday, October 18, 2010

EKTT October Challenge Voting

Voting ends midnight October 20th for the treasury that best represents October's Challenge Theme, "Halloween:  Sweet Treats" selected by Leighann of GracieBones Boutique.  Thank you to Leighann for picking the theme, and to all who participated!  Great way to represent EtsyKids Team!