Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ana's Baby Couture Gets Cozy on Etsy's FRONT PAGE!

Congratulations to Ana of Ana's Baby Couture on Etsy for her gorgeous front  page curating job, "Love Lives Cozy Here."  Way to take the EtsyKids Team to the honor spot on Etsy, Ana!  Congratulations to all the EtsyKids teammates showcased in this collection!
Ana's Baby Couture's Front Page "Love Lives Cozy Here"

Ana of Ana's Baby Couture has been one of EtsyKids Treasury Team's top curators in volume of treasuries created for the month of October.  Ana has done a great job of keeping an eye on the merchandising report for her themes.  She's a good example to follow in how to achieve the front page of Etsy--if you curate according to the merchandising suggestions it will be noticed!

A warm thank you to each EKTT curator for your October contributions.  I look forward to seeing more of your treasuries featured by Etsy!  Let's all give Ana a big round of applause for this excellent front page!

EKTT Coordinator


  1. Thanks! I also blogged about it. You can read here;

  2. WoooooHooo! So exciting! Nicely done.

  3. Hooray for more EKTT front pages! So glad to see the efforts of you curators paying off! ;o)

  4. Awesome Ana! (that has a nice ring to it huh?)lol

  5. Thank you all very much. Your congrats are very much appreciated.