Saturday, September 3, 2011

EKTT Final Frontier Challenge 33 Winner: Lazy Day Artifacts

Congratulations, Lisabeth of Lazy Day Artifacts on Etsy, for your win of the EKTT's Final Treasury Challenge!  Lisabeth's treasury, "Taste Test Thinks I Like Things that Hold Things" was lucky number 5 out of 18 submissions! Lazy Day's treasury was selected as the winner by

Thank you, EtsyKids Treasury Team, for a year of beauty, laughter and fun!  For all of you EKTT fans, please click HERE to see EKTT's final challenge treasuries curated for your shopping and viewing pleasure.

Lisabeth of Lazy Day Artifacts on Etsy specializes in boutique style children's clothing including baby cloaks, toddler swing jackets, and "big butt" pants for the cloth-diapered baby.  Lisabeth has curated enthusiastically with the EKTT for the entire year and she was also our holiday blogger.  Thank you so much for your contributions of gorgeous treasuries, blogging, and sweet support this year, Lazy Day on Etsy!    

EtsyKids Treasury Team, you've given the EtsyKids Team a wonderfully treasured year.  Be proud of your front page accomplishments and of promoting your teammates in such a generous and loving way.  I have been most honored to curate with all of you.  Thank you, EKTT, you've made a lasting impression on my heart.  

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Talented EtsyKids Treasury Team (Part 4 - 6)

Tomorrow will bring our last challenge winner's post so don't forget to cruise on by the EKTT blog!  Until then enjoy the talented artists that made up the EtsyKids Treasury Team.  They all rocked my world!  (For part 1 through 3 of our curator's shops, please see this post!)  Thanks for an amazing year of memories, EKTT!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Talented EtsyKids Treasury Team (Part 1 - 3)

What made the EtsyKids Treasury Team great?  Great eye for collections, each are great artists in their own right, and best of all...they're super great people! Please enjoy the first of 6 treasuries displaying EtsyKids Treasury Team curator's talent from their Etsy Shops.  It was a grand year, EtsyKids Treasury Team! You all rock!  

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday WOWs: Leyton Smiles, Tag Along Adventure, and Tanja D'lyn on Etsy

Today is the last official day of the EtsyKids Treasury Team.  Keep those eyes peeled on Etsy treasury lists for our curators--you can't keep a good curator down!  I'm expecting many more front pages from the talented EtsyKids Treasury Team crew!  

Over the next few days I'll be publishing treasuries honoring the EKTT.  Upcoming will also be our blog post featuring the winner of our final EKTT challenge. 

Thank you, EKTT, for making us smile, laugh, and stunning us with amazing beauty for a year.  

Sunday, August 28, 2011

EKTT Final Frontier Challenge: You Color My World with Love or Etsy's Taste Test

EtsyKids Treasury Team Curators, welcome to our final team challenge!  You have promoted the EtsyKids Team with stunning curations for nearly a year.  Your growth as curators and your enduring loyalty and friendship have touched my heart and life.  I could not be prouder to have been your "treasury mama" and to eternally remain your friend.

You have honored my shop with many gorgeous treasuries over this year, and I appreciate each and every one of those tributes.  I would like to request that you take the opportunity of this final challenge to highlight your EtsyKids teammates and fellow cup overflows with blessings from all of you.   

Please enjoy this final challenge in representing our EtsyKids Team as the EKTT! I'm looking forward to seeing your creativity flow!  

Don't forget the lessons of children:  Never be afraid to look stupid, act silly, let your imagination run wild, or share your own quirky sense of humor--if you spread smiles and laughter your days on this planet are worthwhile.  Give of yourself.  It's the best present you can give and more valuable than any material gift anyone could ever receive.  I wish you all health, happiness, and continued success.  

With a Heart Full of Gratitude,
Loren a.k.a. "Treasury Mama"

You Color My World with Love
Focus Items:  (See the Pantone Colors here:   Color Trend report for fall 2011) Quarry, cedar, and teal greens, nougat and coffee browns, orchid and phlox purples, bamboo mustard yellow, honeysuckle pink, and ember-glow coral.  More colors from Etsy Admin  - turquoise, rustic fall colors, jade greens and mustards.  *Pick one or two of these colors and curate something beautiful!  Use the September Merchandising Report for a theme!


Taste Test
Follow the recipe for a tasty treasury treat:
1 heaping helping of Etsy's Taste Test
4 full cups of EtsyKids Teammates
Mix well according to the EKTT Check List
Yield:  One Tasty Treasury Treat

1.  Submit as many treasuries fitting these themes in as many variations as you wish through:

Wednesday, August 31, Midnight EST!

Reminder:  The only children's items in your Taste Test treasuries should be our EtsyKids Team members.  We are not selecting children's items from Etsy's Taste Test unless they happen to be our EtsyKids teammates.

2.  Required Challenge Tags

etsykids tteam
pantone color trends


etsykids tteam
taste test
activity feeds

(Copy and paste the challenge tags to ensure your treasury will be included in judging!)   Please also use applicable key words to tag--listed under Focus Items (above) and taken from Etsy's September Merchandising Report.  

3.  Treasuries must include 4 active and verified EtsyKids Team members. Please take this opportunity to feature either your partner or our August Featured EKTT Member, Two Little Bluebirds on Etsy, or both in a challenge submission.  *Please do not feature the EKTT Coordinator's shop!  :)    

*Please see the EKTT Check List to curate according to guidelines. 

4.  The winning treasury will be chosen by  Treasuries will be numbered from last submission being number one to first submission.        

5.  All EKTT Curators are eligible to enter and win including current and past weekly challenge winners.

6.  DO include any treasury team tags and other Etsy Team tags you wish on any EKTT treasury!  Get those teams in to see our treasuries and let's get those views up, EKTT!

Your winning treasury, links to your Etsy shop, and a shop listing you choose will be featured in an EKTT blog post announcing you as our Weekly Treasury Challenge Winner. Your Etsy shop and winning blog entry will be permanently displayed on the EKTT Winners page.  Your Etsy shop will be featured in a Craftcult Slideshow Mini on the top of our blog sidebar.  You will have the honor of choosing the next Weekly Treasury Challenge theme based on a focused idea from the current  Etsy Merchandising Report.