Friday, February 11, 2011

Sharpen Your Skills Treasury Challenge: Pounce Me!!!

One of the most exciting things about curating an Etsy treasury is discovering fresh talent!  The best way to accomplish that is to use Etsy's Pounce feature.  Select undiscovered shops to browse new Etsy shops who have not yet had their first sale.  Make sure the photos of the listings you feature are visually stunning!  Creating a treasury based on finds from Etsy Pounce is one of the best ways to welcome new sellers to Etsy.

Shops with less than 20 sales are also considered to be "undiscovered."  I started a discussion on EtsyKids Ning a few weeks ago to get the names of some of our teammates who have less than 20 sales and could use a boost of promotion from you EKTT Curators.  Please click HERE to see which EtsyKids Team member's shops we'll be highlighting in this Pounce Challenge.  (Please take special note of my last comment on the discussion thread with all the hyperlinked member's shops in one location for your convenience.)

Pounce Me!

kangaroocuddles on Etsy "Blue Bunny Baby Sling"

1.  Submit as many Pounce treasuries in as many variations as you wish through Sunday, February 13th, Noon CST.  
Reminder:  The only children's items in your Pounce treasuries should be our EtsyKids Team members.  We are not selecting children's items from Etsy Pounce.  

2.  Required Challenge Tags

ektt pounced
etsykids tteam
(Don't forget the spaces!)    Please also use applicable key words and themes mentioned in Etsy's February Merchandising Report  or Etsy's March Merchandising Report.

3.  Treasuries must include 4 active and verified EtsyKids Team members.  Please choose your EtsyKids Team Members from this Ning Forum Discussion:  20 Sales or Less Take note of my last comment on the thread; all the shop url's are in my comment for your convenience!
4.  The winning treasury will be chosen based on MOST VIEWS on Etsy.
5.  It is not uncommon for new Etsy Seller's to be totally unaware of Treasury Lists.  Please write to inform them of their feature and include an explanation like this:  
Welcome to Etsy!  Your listing has been included in an Etsy treasury collection.  Treasuries are member-curated shopping guides.  Etsy Admin selects treasuries to feature on Etsy's home page which is free marketing for your Etsy shop!  To increase the chances of our treasury being selected for the front page please visit the treasury, leave a comment, click on as many items as possible, and share the treasury with your Facebook and Twitter fans!  
6.  All EKTT rules and guidelines (including where to post completed treasuries) remain the same as usual--see the EKTT Check List, Curators!
7.  All EKTT Curators are eligible to enter including current treasury challenge winners.

Your winning treasury in clickable format along with your Etsy shop links will be posted on our EKTT blog.  An item of your choosing from your Etsy shop will be featured in our EKTT Volunteers Etsy Mini.



  1. this is seriously the greatest treasury challenge!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Bison Girl. We'll be having these periodically, and some others that are a fun twist on the treasury norms. :)