Wednesday, February 2, 2011

EKTT Partner Feature: Vote on the Future of the EKTT!

Trouble voting on the poll?  Click HERE to vote!


  1. After casting my vote and seeing just how few curators have voted, I truly hope that more share their thoughts! This team has been a wonderful way to cross promote our shops.

  2. Hi Loren
    Thanks for the wonderful job you do! I'm all for shaking things up and trying new approaches til we find something that we think is a slam dunk. Yay team! :)

  3. Thanks so much, Ahmelie! We're trying to infest that front page of Etsy again, and keep EKTT curators excited to create stunning treasuries along the way! xo

    TheSewingLoft, I'm pretty pleased with participation so far...the poll has only been up since midnight last night. I'm keeping this voting poll open until the end of February, and never know how much I pester people to participate! ;o) We'll get those curators in there and voting! ;o) xo

  4. Hey, I voted. Guess which option I picked ??

    Thank You Loren for all you do for the team. Yes, You do do a wonderful job leading us to the front page.