Monday, February 7, 2011

EKTT Weekly Challenge: Vacation Getaway

The winner of our latest weekly treasury challenge, Birdsong Bows, wants to prepare for an exotic vacation.  I know I'm ready to wear a sarong, how about you?  Here's what Deanna of Birdsong Bows has to say about her treasury theme:

Vacation Getaway!

With much of the country snowed in, let's dream of taking a vacation to a beautiful, warm locale. Think cruises, safaris, tropical islands. What would you bring with you on your trip? What would you love to see? Let's soak up the sun with our EtsyKids treasuries.

Joey and Aleethea's "Ankle Biters" 

1.  Submit as many treasuries fitting this theme in as many variations as you wish through Thursday, February 10th, 8 p.m. CST.  (This is a shorter challenge than normal.  We'll have a little something extra at the end of the week!) 

2.  Required Challenge Tags:

etsykidschallenge 4
etsykids tteam

(Don't forget the spaces!)   Please also use applicable key words mentioned under the heading International Vacations and Resort Wear and also February Trends (Safari) in Etsy's February Merchandising Report.  

3.  Treasuries must include 4 active and verified EtsyKids Team members. If you have not included your partner or our February Featured EKTT Member, SquishyBee on Etsyplease take this opportunity to include them in one or more of your submissions!  If you have completed your partner and SquishyBee's treasury features you may choose any 4 active, verified EtsyKids Team members whose products best represent your theme.

4.  The winning treasury will be chosen based on MOST VIEWS on Etsy.

5.  All EKTT rules and guidelines (including where to post completed treasuries) remain the same as usual--see the EKTT Check List, Curators!

Your winning treasury, along with your Etsy shop and one of your shop listings (your choice) will be posted on our EKTT blog featuring you as our weekly treasury challenge winner.  Winner chooses the next weekly challenge theme based on the February Merchandising report.  Your shop will also be featured in a Craftcult Slideshow Mini on our blog sidebar.

*Have you heard the news?  The EtsyKids Photo Makeover Series hosted and written by Stephanie of TwoLittleBluebirds is NOW in session!  All EtsyKids Team members are welcome to join in monthly challenges, winning great prizes, and getting awesome tips from your EtsyKids Team members! Click HERE to read the first installment!

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