Monday, February 14, 2011

EKTT Weekly Challenge: It's a Mystery to Me

The winner of our latest weekly treasury challenge, greensies, has an air of mystery in mind.  Many possible directions for creative treasuries with Heather of greensies' theme!  

It's a Mystery to Me

Focus items:  Lockets, secret hiding places, vintage letterpress blocks
skeleton keys, feathers, arrows, diamonds, geometric shapes and patterns 
paper cuts, silhouettes, fortune cookies, wishbones, fortune tellers

                   CAMEO NOIR - solid botanical perfume in brass locket - 

For Strange Women on Etsy

1.  Submit as many treasuries fitting this theme in as many variations as you wish through Saturday, February 19th, Noon, CST.  

2.  Required Challenge Tags

etsykidschallenge 5
etsykids tteam

(Copy and paste the challenge tags to ensure your treasury will be included in judging!)   Please also use applicable key words to tag--listed under Focus Items (above) and taken from Etsy's February Merchandising Report.  

3.  Treasuries must include 4 active and verified EtsyKids Team members If you have not included your partner or our February Featured EKTT Member, SquishyBee on Etsyplease take this opportunity to include them in one or more of your submissions.  If you have completed your partner and SquishyBee's treasury features you may choose any 4 active, verified EtsyKids Team members whose products best represent your theme.

4.  The winning treasury will be chosen based on MOST COMMENTS on Etsy.

5.  All EKTT rules and guidelines (including where to post completed treasuries) remain the same as usual; see the EKTT Check List, Curators!

6.  All EKTT Curators are eligible to enter and win, including current and past weekly challenge winners.

Your winning treasury, along with your Etsy shop and one of your shop listings (your choice) will be posted on our EKTT blog featuring you as our weekly treasury challenge winner.  Winner chooses the next weekly challenge theme based on either the February Merchandising report or the March Merchandising Report.  Your shop will also be featured in a Craftcult Slideshow Mini on our blog sidebar.  Your winning blog post and shop url will be permanently featured on our Winner's page here on the blog.

Just for fun and inspiration, I'm including my treasury matching this theme.  I do not compete against you EKTT Curators in any contest.  Hope you enjoy the dark mystery!  

'What Lies Beneath the Old Well' by FruitsOFtheBLooM

An EtsyKids Treasury Team treasury.

















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