Friday, April 1, 2011

PRINCESS DESIGNS on Etsy: April Featured EKTT Member

During April we have the honor of featuring one of our original EtsyKids Treasury Team curators, Sue of PRINCESS DESIGNS on Etsy..  Sue has been a huge supporter of the EKTT and a force for positive change on our team from the beginning.  She is always there to recognize and encourage our newest curators, and quick to offer helpful suggestions and compromises.  We all thank you, PRINCESS DESIGNS, for sharing your wisdom and uplifting spirit with the EKTT, and we look forward to curating treasuries to honor you throughout April! 

Sue of PRINCESS DESIGNS on Etsy creates one of a kind bandana pillowcase dresses, swing and tunic tops, skirts, bibs and even burp cloths for your Princess or Prince!  Need something customized?  PRINCESS DESIGNS will work with you!  As a special treat for all of the EtsyKids Treasury Team fans reading this blog post, Sue of PRINCESS DESIGNS is offering FREE Shipping on any item in her Etsy shop!  Simply mention that you read about PRINCESS DESIGNS on this blog in the message to seller and Sue will refund your shipping costs.  But that's not all...if you hurry on over to PRINCESS DESIGNS on Facebook and like her page that will automatically enter you into PRINCESS DESIGNS' 150 fan contest!  When Sue reaches 150 fans one lucky fan will receive a FREE prize!

EKTT:  What is your favorite part of the creative process?  Least favorite?
PRINCESS DESIGNS:  My favorite part of the creative process is visualizing the creation and seeing the outcome.  My least favorite part of the creative process is making mistakes, but learning from them.

EKTT:  What was the journey that brought you to opening PRINCESS DESIGNS on Etsy?
PRINCESS DESIGNS:  My journey began approximately four years ago after I purchased a Bandana Pillowcase Dress for my daughter.  I then made several more and received many compliments.  My friends started buying the dresses from me and WALLAH, PRINCESS DESIGNS was born.

EKTT:  What is your best advice for sellers of children's items on Etsy?
PRINCESS DESIGNS:  Just have fun!  Design, create, and promote as much as you can.

EKTT:  Any favorite curating suggestions to offer EKTT curators?  How do you overcome curating challenges when featuring a partner's shop?
PRINCESS DESIGNS:  I dream up a theme and/or color scheme and go with that usually, keeping in mind that the picture is the most important part for the treasury.  I like to work with 2 colors in my treasuries.  

EKTT:  Apart from your Etsy shop and curating treasuries, what are your favorite things to do?
PRINCESS DESIGNS:  My favorite things to do are volunteering at my children's school, gardening with my daughter, baking and reading.  I have been married to the man of my dreams for 12 years.  I am a mother of 4 wonderful children, and a very soon Grandma-to-be (17 more days for that miracle).  I work full-time as a front end manager for Target.  I started sewing about 20 years ago as a hobby which then grew into a small business.

EKTT:  Please share one really weird compulsion, habit or fixation of yours--we know you've got one!
PRINCESS DESIGNS:  I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON ♥  I named my new car     M. J. seeing as how he was on the radio when I bought it.  I have Michael Jackson photos and such all throughout my house and car (which my husband hates, but has bought me most of it!).

Thank you, Sue, for your loyal support of the EtsyKids Treasury Team and for granting us this interview!  We hope you enjoy your new grandchild at your very own Neverland Ranch (just be sure not to hang him/her over a balcony for the paparazzi to capture a photo!).

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  1. Oh my. Loren you did a fabulous job. Thank you again for the Honor. I feel truly blessed. I promise not to hang her over the balcony but will share her with all of you. ♥

  2. Great items and great interview : )

  3. I'm a MJ fan as well! So sad that the world lost such a talent.

    Congrats on your feature!! :)

    Birdsong Bows