Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Geometry of Orange" Weekly Treasury Challenge Winner: Bison Girl

Congratulations to Erica of Bison Girl on Etsy on her win of the Geometry of Orange  treasury challenge!  Erica's treasury, "three sides to every story" had the most views of any of our challenge submissions on Etsy!

Thank you, EtsyKids Treasury Team, for the eye-popping geometric and vintage treasuries curated for both Geometry of Orange and Redheads Heart Vintage themes!  EKTT, be sure to maintain your treasuries (fill in the blank spots and replace sold items) since these are themes that Etsy Admin will be focusing on for Etsy's home page throughout April.  For all of you EKTT fans, please click HERE to see the rest of our challenge treasuries curated for your shopping and viewing pleasure.  

Erica of Bison Girl on Etsy creates soft Bison Booties for infants, babies and toddlers.  Erica prides herself on heirloom quality construction and attention to detail expressed in creative color combinations and unique designs.  As a mother, you'll appreciate the array of stylish protection for your baby's tootsies offered in Bison Girl on Etsy.  As a father and a member of an eco-friendly family, you'll adore the upcycled Just Like Dad booties for your baby boy (pictured below, click on picture for further information and to purchase).  

Special bonus for all of our blog readers:  Bison Girl is having a SALE for EtsyKids Team members and Friends of 10% off!  Please enter the coupon code "ETSYKIDS03" at checkout, and get your booties before this offer expires on April 22, 2011!

EKTT Curators, our next Weekly Treasury Challenge theme chosen by Bison Girl on Etsy will be announced tomorrow.  Congratulations again, Erica, on your Weekly Treasury Challenge win! 

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