Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Gardening" Treasury Challenge Winner: LOOP LOFT

Congratulations to Lisa of LOOP LOFT on Etsy on her win of the Gardening  treasury challenge!  Lisa's treasury, "EtsyKids Team does flowers!" was selected by number of submission through

Thank you, EtsyKids Treasury Team, for the beautiful and fun treasuries curated for both Gardening and Food and The Butcher!  EKTT, be sure to maintain your treasuries (fill in the blank spots and replace sold items) since these are themes that Etsy Admin will be focusing on for Etsy's home page throughout April.  For all of you EKTT fans, please click HERE to see the rest of our challenge treasuries curated for your shopping and viewing pleasure.  

Lisa of LOOP LOFT on Etsy repurposes fiber art into whimsical creations for you and your kids.  LOOP LOFT decorates your hair or your home with wonderfully creative upcycled, eco-friendly items you never knew you needed but always wanted!  Lisa also creates the softest of plushies to snuggle with for a lifetime.  

Every tooth fairy needs a special keepsake pillow with a chart for keeping track of lost baby teeth!  Be sure to click on the picture below for more information and to purchase for the tooth fairy in your family!  What's even better than handmade LOOP LOFT items?  LOOP LOFT on SALE!  Lisa is having a 10% off Spring Cleaning Sale on Etsy, enter coupon code:  MAKEROOMFORNEW at checkout.

EKTT Curators, our next Weekly Treasury Challenge theme chosen by LOOP LOFT on Etsy will be posted here tomorrow.  Congratulations again, Lisa, on your Weekly Treasury Challenge win!

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