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greensies on Etsy: January's EKTT Featured Member

Blue Paisley Toddler Top by greensies on Etsy
Congratulations to Heather of greensies on Etsy, winner of our December Treasury Challenge!  Heather's submission, "Mommy! Daddy!  Play with me! for Under $50" won the most votes for the treasury best representing our challenge theme, Perfect Presents to Celebrate the Family this Christmas. Heather of greensies' prize includes shop features by each January EKTT curator, kicking off 2011 in the happiest way!  Heather will also choose our treasury challenge theme this month, spectacular!

greensies on Etsy is a unique boutique featuring one of a kind children's clothing, appliqued and embellished onesies, and hair accessories designed and handmade by Heather.  It is obvious Heather's love of her own two beautiful girls has inspired a line of clothing that will not only be adored by children, but also prized by their mothers.  As a special bonus to you fashionistas, greensies on Etsy will work with you on a custom design that will make your child stand out from the crowd (*see greensies on Etsy for her customizable listing).    I know you are eager to learn more about the designer behind greensies--fortunately for you, Heather granted us an interview!
Ruffle Onesie with Amy Butler Fabric by greensies
EKTT: What is your favorite part of the creative process? Least favorite?

greensies:  There’s so much to love in the creative process, especially when it involves children’s clothes. The possibilities for embellishments and fun little details are endless. I love looking at the basic, say, dress I’m making and getting to decide how to schnazz it up. And as a goal-oriented person, I can’t get enough of the satisfaction that comes from finishing that last stitch, stepping back and seeing the end result. That’s, actually, probably my downfall and my least favorite part of creating—having to stop in the middle. I want to finish! My two little girls, however, are quickly helping me adjust my expectations by regularly adjusting their nap routines.

Owl Twirl Skirt by greensies

EKTT:  What was the journey that brought you to opening greensies on Etsy?

greensies:  This is a Christmas story. Two Christmases ago, I wanted to go out and buy a holiday onesie for my daughter. I figured that I would easily find something I liked. I hadn’t currently heard of Etsy, so I hit my usual haunts: Target, Kohl’s, etc. Nothing. So I thought, Well, how hard could it be? In hindsight, that onesie was, uh, less than awesome, but the whole process lit a fire. The next Christmas, my one big gift request was a sewing machine. I started making everything I could for my own girls, but I was making more than they could ever really wear, so I started thinking that maybe other people would want some homemade kiddo clothing. Ta-da! greensies is born!

Color Splash Dress by greensies
EKTT:  What is your best advice for seller's of children's items on Etsy?

greensies:  My granny used to say, “I’ve never taken any advice, and I’m not about to give any,” which is only half true. :) So I’ll try to follow in her footsteps and give it a go, even though I feel too much like a novice to really help! The one thing I’ve learned is that, from project to project, you need to love what you’re doing. If you’re in the process and are completely miserable, drop it. I think (and hope!) that people buying on Etsy know when an item has been invested in. They want to buy something that’s been made with joy and love, and I’m willing to bet they can tell when something has just been churned out. I want the joy I feel when making an item to transfer to the purchaser and wearer of it.

Pink Zebra 3 to 6 mos. Lap Tee by greensies

EKTT:  Any current favorite curating suggestions to offer EKTT members?

greensies:  I LOVE curating because I get to discover, again and again, all the amazing things there are to discover on Etsy. As for choosing a theme, pick something that really inspires you. Don’t force it. I’ve dropped a couple treasuries-in-process because it just wasn’t fun to complete. In fact, my favorite treasuries have been those that center around items that I’ve just found at random and fallen in love with.

Happy Girl Onesie by greensies

EKTT:  Please share one really weird compulsion, habit, or fixation of yours--we know you've got one!

greensies:  Now, you’ve put me in a tough place with the weird compulsion. I can’t share them all because I don’t know if there’s enough space on the blog for all of my, uh, endearing idiosyncrasies. Here are a couple for you, though: I pretty much only drink through a straw. My husband likes to joke that I may have lost the ability to drink from a cup like a normal human being, but I don’t really care to find out if that’s the case or not. The other thing is that I refuse to set alarm clocks, timers or things of that nature to numbers ending in 0 or 5. Why, you ask? I don’t know. It is what it is. Let’s just compromise a call it a cute little quirk. Please? ;)

Thank you so much for taking the time to share the wild and weird workings of your mind with us, Heather!  I love that you've lost the ability to drink from a cup AND added a bonus "quirk" for us to gawk*cough* admire!  

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  1. Hey Heather, it was fun reading your interview - I bought a pack of 500 coloured 'bendy-straws' for when kids come to visit just had a light bulb moment - why shouldn't I use them myself!!! : )
    Congrats on being our EKTT Member of the month - it'll feel like Christmas all over again for you!