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Tanja D'Lyn on Etsy: July 2011 Featured EKTT Member

July's Featured EKTT Member is a curator who has been with the EtsyKids Treasury Team since we began in September 2010, Tanja of Tanja D'lyn on Etsy (also known as inspiring design studio tm).  We thank you, Tanja D'lyn, for curating many gorgeous treasuries to promote EtsyKids Team members.  It is the pleasure of the EtsyKids Treasury Team to curate treasuries honoring you throughout July!

Tanja of Tanja D'lyn on Etsy creates "fresh and savvy" designs for every aspect of your child's life--from bath to play, Tanja D'lyn's "dreamy soft children's bath robes, hooded towels, baby blankets, bibs, burps and specialty gifts" will make any day a luxurious spa vacation.  Indulge in the decadent opulence of Tanja D'lyn on Etsy or come feel the sumptuous quality for yourself at Gig Harbor Summer Art Festival on July 16 and 17 in Gig Harbor, WA where Tanja has you covered with "terries for tots!  From infant to big kid hooded towels and robes, make waves with these fun, colorful terries and let them get wet!"

EKTT:  What is your favorite part of the creative process? 
Tanja D'lyn:  The dreaming and designing of the fabrics and patterns. For inspiration I like to go to a new beach port town, visit an open air soiree, art museum or garden. Just seeing something new, arty and fresh keeps me infused with ideas!

EKTT:  What is your least favorite part of the creative process?  
Tanja D'lyn:  Not having the time to do it all in a day! I am still learning the balance of family life, blogs, teams, Magazine Editing and Writing (, sewing, listing and creating the new items for next season.

EKTT:  What was the journey that brought you to opening Tanja D'lyn on Etsy?
Tanja D'lyn:  Learned to sew when I was 3.  Drawing paper dolls on a sweet summer day was my favorite childhood pastime. Discovered that I did not want to be a doctor in my junior year in college (SDSU) and finished my degree in Fashion Design (FCC of San Diego) in my early twenties. After designing several children’s lines for other designers, I found success with Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Wear Ltd. as a wholesale designer and owner for about 15 years. (We were in about 1000 boutique stores nationally.) After three children and a not-so-fun divorce, I took a couple years off to direct children’s theatre and teach sewing to children. I found the simple life a joy! Watching a Martha Stewart Living show, I spotted and in 2008 I created a few test items and started It was not until late 2010 I decided to “go all out” and focus on my site. After being featured on the front page of an Etsy Finds newsletter for kids ( ) I began to test out “tag words” and created a business plan for my shop, which included listing often, joining a team, building up stock for about 50 plus items and writing for a children's Etsy magazine ( What I love the most is that I found a place where people are just like me!  Being an artist and doing what you are passionate about is very rewarding! 

EKTT:  What is your best advice for sellers of children’s items on Etsy?
Tanja D'lyn:  Join a team specific to children. Participate in treasuries, circles, and read all Etsy news feeds.  You will learn everything you need to know to be in business for yourself! Peek at the most recent Etsy Finds newsletter daily (look for tags that reflect the items you sell), tag your items you list that day with any of those.  (Hint:  newsletter goes to everyone and they all will look at those highlighted listings.) List daily in your area of expertise (check to see if your tags are all working and your photos look good).

EKTT:  Apart from your Etsy shop and being an EKTT Curator, what are your favorite things to do?
Tanja D'lyn:  I love to sew, teach Middle School Theatre and sewing to children ages 8 to 16 years old.  Teach art to grades K through 6 in an afterschool program on Thursday nights! As a family we bike, play tennis, and beach it! 

EKTT:  Any favorite curating suggestions to offer EKTT teammates?  
Tanja D'lyn:  Read the merchandising report published on The Etsy Blog, participate in the EtsyKids Treasury Team Challenges. Add photos that look great, only pick items you would purchase. (Add items to your favorites and choose from those for your treasuries.)

EKTT:  What is the one handmade possession or craft tool you could not live without?
Tanja D'lyn:  A sewing machine. I cannot live without it! I sew every day for business or fun! It’s a passion thing! : )

EKTT:  Please share one really weird compulsion, habit, or fixation of yours--we know you've got one!
Tanja D'lyn:  I collect paper dolls, vintage and new. I own every issue of Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion just for the paper dolls.

Thank you, Tanja D'lyn, for granting us this interview and a peek into your own private world of paper dolls and fun fabrics!  I truly believe your playful designs are inspired by your inner child and all the children who grace your world today!

Stalk Tanja D'lyn online and at her upcoming show in Gig Harbor, WA:

Etsy Shop:  Tanja D'lyn  
When?  July 16 - 17
Where?  Gig Harbor, WA        

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