Monday, July 4, 2011

EKTT Weekly Treasury Challenge 25: Tour de France or True Fangs, Twihard

The winner of our latest weekly treasury challenge, Leyton Smiles on Etsy, wants to work up a sporty sweat!  While your pulse is racing, let's toss in some Vampires to keep the blood flowing.

Tour de France
Focus Items:  Sports!  Tour de France trends including biking, the French countryside, and France.  Summer sports.  Wimbledon.  Sports clothing, vintage sports gear, collectible sports items.


True Fangs, Twihard
Focus Items:  Vampires!  HBO's True Blood and Twilight's Breaking Dawn inspire steampunk and fang filled curations.  Halloween Preview - Middle of July shoppers begin searching for harvest and halloween decor, favors, and costumes.  

1.  Submit as many treasuries fitting these themes in as many variations as you wish through Saturday, July 9, Noon EST.  

NOTE:  You MUST be a member of the EKTT to participate in Weekly Treasury Challenges! 

2.  Required Challenge Tags

etsykids tteam

(Copy and paste the challenge tags to ensure your treasury will be included in judging!)   Please also use applicable key words to tag--listed under Focus Items (above) and taken from Etsy's July Merchandising Report.  

Please do not use EKTT tags unless you are a member of the EtsyKids Treasury Team.  All EtsyKids are welcome to join.  See information on joining the EKTT:  Guidelines

3.  Treasuries must include 4 active and verified EtsyKids Team members. Please take this opportunity to feature either your partner or our July Featured EKTT Member, Tanja D'lyn on Etsy, or both in a challenge submission.    

*Please see the EKTT Check List to curate according to guidelines. 

4.  The winning treasury will be chosen by MOST VIEWS on Etsy.        

5.  All EKTT Curators are eligible to enter and win including current and past weekly challenge winners.

6.  Please do not include any treasury team tags other than the EtsyKids Treasury Team tag and related challenge tags on EKTT challenge treasuries.  Any challenge submission containing treasury team tags other than "etsykids tteam" will automatically be disqualified from winning.  Thank you for your support, EKTT Curators!

Your winning treasury, links to your Etsy shop, and a shop listing you choose will be featured in an EKTT blog post announcing you as our Weekly Treasury Challenge Winner. Your Etsy shop and winning blog entry will be permanently displayed on the EKTT Winners page.  Your Etsy shop will be featured in a Craftcult Slideshow Mini on the top of our blog sidebar.  You will have the honor of choosing the next Weekly Treasury Challenge theme based on a focused idea from the current  Etsy Merchandising Report.

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