Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Summer Solstice" Weekly Treasury Challenge 20: SquishyBee

Congratulations to Cortney of SquishyBee on Etsy on her win of the Summer Solstice  treasury challenge!  Cortney's treasury, "Perfect Picnic" received the most views of any of our treasury submissions on Etsy.

Thank you, EtsyKids Treasury Team, for the beautiful, freaky, and fun treasuries curated for both Summer Solstice and Carnival Celebration!  EKTT, be sure to maintain your treasuries since these are themes that Etsy Admin will be focusing on for Etsy's home page throughout June.  For all of you EKTT fans, please click HERE to see the rest of our challenge treasuries curated for your shopping and viewing pleasure.  

Cortney of SquishyBee on Etsy specializes in "handmade cuteness for momma and me."  From makeup bags to whimsical appliqued onesies, SquishyBee will spread smiles to the whole family!  One of my personal favorites by Cortney is the set of 3 plush Russian Nesting Dolls (pictured below); click on the picture to get more information about these adorable dolls.

Babushka Matryoshka Set of 3 Russian Nesting Dolls by SquishyBee on Etsy

EKTT Curators, our next Weekly Treasury Challenge theme chosen by SquishyBee on Etsy will be posted Monday, June 6.  Congratulations again, Cortney, on your Weekly Treasury Challenge win!