Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November Treasury Challenge Winner: Funky Friends Factory

Congratulations to EKTT curator, Pauline, of Funky Friends Factory on Etsy for winning our November Treasury Challenge!  Pauline's entry "Funky Festive Finds for under $45" won the most votes for the treasury best representing our Black Friday/Cyber Monday challenge theme chosen by November's Featured EKTT, The Green Goat.  

Funky Friends Factory Wins November Treasury Challenge!

Warm thanks for all the wonderfully creative curations submitted during a very hectic month--we topped the entries for October's challenge!  Way to go EKTT curators!  A big thank you to our November Featured EKTT Member, Mary of The Green Goat, for such a thoughtful challenge theme.

December 1st will bring a very special blog interview and shop feature of our December's Featured EKTT Member:  Funky Friends Factory!  All active December EKTT curators will include an item from Funky Friends Factory in one of your treasuries.  

Here's wishing everyone who is traveling this week a safe journey, and looking forward to curating with you in December!  I am so very proud of our EKTT curators for November--you have done a fabulous job at an extremely busy time of year.  Your dedication to our EtsyKids Team is inspiring!  Looking forward to a productive December with the EtsyKids Treasury Team.


  1. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! We have had great treasuries this month!

  2. Yaye Pauline!! well done! I look forward to featuring your cool toys again next month.

  3. Thanks guys!
    I'm so excited! I read Loren's comment the other day about getting all your friends and family to vote - so I begged all my friends on Facebook- and WOW! It worked!! : ) I feel LOVED!!! Ha!Ha!
    I hope I can pick a nice theme for us for December!

  4. I'm so happy you have an awesome support base of fans and friends, Pauline, you deserve it! Not the least of which are our very own EtsyKids Treasury Team members! I love the EKTT teammate support going on here--EtsyKids Treasury Team rocks! You guys are the best!