Monday, November 1, 2010

The Green Goat: EKTT November's Featured Member

The Green Goat on Etsy

EKTT's November featured member is Mary of The Green Goat on Etsy!  Mary received the most votes on her treasury, "Nothing edible here, but yet all so delicious!" submitted for our October Challenge.  This month our treasury challenge theme will be picked by The Green Goat, and each of you EKTT members will feature Mary in one of your treasuries!  

The Green Goat on Etsy is filled with delicate illustrations of nature, animals, and whimsical fantasies screen printed using eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes and inks on cotton. You eco-conscious mothers will be overjoyed with the variety of organic cotton onesies offered by The Green Goat.  There's absolutely no denying that Mary is the maven of color combinations!  We had the privilege to interview the woman behind The Green Goat and were able to unearth some dark and strange facts for your reading pleasure!  

Organic Natural Onesie with Red Horse
EKTT:  What is your favorite part of the creative process?  Least favorite?

The Green Goat:    My favorite part of the creating process is pairing the different color combos. I am such a color junkie. Certain color combos can stop me in my tracks and make me stare sometimes. I love turquoise and reds together. And greys can pair up with darn near anything and look great. I could go on and on. I love how color can pop! Or be ever so subtle depending on what you pair it with. It's funny looking back on stuff that I made in the same night...the colors can have a completely different feeling from the night before. I never know what I am doing until I get up there to work. It all depends on my mood.

My least favorite thing about the creating process is how L-O-N-G the process can be sometimes. Not only do you have to make it, but you have to photo it, edit it, list it, and then market it and promote it! Sheesh! I stay at home with my kids and I never seem to have enough time in the day to do all that needs to be done. It is a constant battle trying to juggle everything. And I hate that I am such a perfectionist. I can't turn it off. I will spend hours tweaking a design (or treasury;) until I get it just right. My husband is learning that when I say 5 more minutes it really means at least an hour. 

The Green Goat
EKTT:  What was the journey that brought you to opening The Green Goat on Etsy?

The Green Goat:  Well, I have always been inclined to make things, so I went to college to learn art and graduated with a degree in graphic design. Shortly thereafter, I became a mommy and did nothing artistic (aside from making my son's halloween costumes and birthday invites) for like 4 years! The Green Goat came about after my second child was born and my pent up creative energy erupted into a childrens collection and then some. And I haven't stopped since.

The Green Goat

EKTT:  What is your best piece of advice for seller's of children's items on Etsy?

The Green Goat:  Take great photos! I am constantly trying to improve this. I still have a lot to learn. I actually have a photo shoot planned this weekend! I hope it turns out well. I am going to try some new things.

The Green Goat
EKTT:  Any current favorite curating suggestions you want to pass along to EKTT members?  

The Green Goat:  I  just recently got into pouncing!  I love finding the neat undiscovered shops. I think it's important to showcase something new that hasn't been seen before.

EKTT:  Please share one really weird compulsion, habit, or fixation of yours--we know you've got one!

The Green Goat:  One weird thing huh?  There are many. We bought a 125 year old house with no central air yet and I went without air in my workroom all summer, by choice. We had a window unit to put in there, but I didn't want it. And I loved it. 

Rosewood Play Dress with Slate Blue Microflora
So there you have it folks, directly from The Green Goat's mouth!  Thanks for granting us this interview, Mary!  Rush over to The Green Goat and grab some comfortable, eco-friendly, wearable art for yourself, your children, and as unique gifts for friends and family!  

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  1. Thanks Loren! I really enjoy making the treasuries and this challenge was a lot of fun. I am brainstorming for the next theme. Can't wait to see the treasuries to come! Thank you everyone in advance for featuring me this month :) Happy Curating!

  2. We're so happy to feature you, Mary! Your work is amazing, and we appreciate all of your lovely treasuries as well! xo