Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts on Etsy: May 2011 Featured EKTT Member

The EtsyKids Treasury Team is excited to honor one of our team's most diligent volunteers, Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts, as our May Featured Member. Lilikins has promoted hundreds of treasuries curated by the EKTT on EtsyKids Team Facebook page since our group began in September 2010.  She is also responsible for updating our alphabetical membership list on EtsyKids Ning which is invaluable in EKTT efforts to represent the team well.  Recently, Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts accepted Co-Leadership of EtsyKids Team along with The Little LOVE Bug.  Congratulations Lilikins on your new role.  We truly appreciate your dedication to EtsyKids Team and the EKTT; it is our privilege to curate treasuries celebrating you throughout the month of May!

The philosophy of Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts is that "every child should be wrapped in the loving hug of something handmade."  Quality, handmade hugs abound in the form of quilts, receiving blankets, even bibs and burp cloths in Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts on Etsy.  Practice does make perfect-Lilikins years of sewing experience shine through in the high caliber workmanship of these loveys for your bundle of joy.  

EKTT: What is your favorite part of the creative process?
Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts: Those idea jolts that come out of nowhere, flashes of insight for combining fabrics, seeing things come together (close to) the way you envisioned.

EKTT: Least favorite part of the creative process?
Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts: Despite the team’s best efforts I think I have to admit that photographing everything is my least favorite! 

EKTT: What was the journey that brought you to opening Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts on Etsy?
Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts: One fateful day I, along with 90 colleagues, joined the ranks of the unemployed due to corporate downsizing at a major media corporation. And so my Etsy Journey began! I had been making baby blankets and quilts for family and friends as little ones came along. Folks had suggested selling them but I never thought I would pursue it. When I lost my job I knew I needed to do something that would allow me to tap into my creative side, provide me with a way to use my time, and lastly perhaps pay for itself.

EKTT: Congratulations on your new role as Co-Leader of the EtsyKids Team!  Please tell us about your volunteer work for the EtsyKids Team. 
Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts: In approximately March 2010 I was approached to become Co-New Member Coordinator. A while later I started assisting with maintaining the EtsyKids Team Facebook page. Recently I, along with Jocelyn of thelittleLovebug, accepted the Co-Leadership role for the EtsyKids Team.

EKTT: How long have you been a volunteer for EtsyKids Team?
Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts: I started as a volunteer in March 2010.

EKTT: Approximately how many hours per week do you devote to EtsyKids Team duties?
Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts:  I have tried to quantify this for a bit now... I am going to have to say approximately 20 hours a week (perhaps more).

EKTT: Please tell us ONE thing you wish all EtsyKids Team members would do to make your life easier as the EtsyKids Team Co-Leader.
Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts: Being as honest as I can be, the answer has to be log on and read the postings on Ning regularly. 

EKTT: How about EKTT Curators in particular?
Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts: EKTT Curators are very well versed in the ways of EtsyKids, by nature of their committment to being an EKTT Curator they keep up with what is happening with the team... thank you all.

EKTT: Apart from your Etsy shop and the work you do on behalf of the EtsyKids Team, what are your favorite things to do?
Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts: I adore music, reading, cooking and baking.  I also really enjoy antiquing, oh and I LOVE punk rock and “new wave” music and riding on the back of a motorcycle... (especially in Northern California)

EKTT: What is the one handmade possession or craft tool you could not live without?
Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts: I am not sure if this addresses your question, but... when I started doing this in my typical NYC size apartment I found I did everything on my ironing board... cutting, pinning - everything and it drove me crazy.  Now that I have more space and a cutting table I realize I am still doing everything on the ironing board!

EKTT: Please share one really weird compulsion, habit, or fixation of yours--we know you've got one!
Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts: Oh hands down, I am a neat freak. 

Thank you, Lilikins, for taking time out of your busy schedule to grant us a behind-the-scenes look at one of our EtsyKids Team Co-Leaders!  And just sayin', there's not one single EtsyKids member who takes note of how you handle EtsyKids Team Facebook page and EtsyKids Ning who didn't already guess you're a neat freak...not that that's a bad thing!  

Lilikins Baby Blankets and Quilts takes the time to promote and support all of us, let's rally behind her in each of these fine online locations:


  1. Congratulations on your feature and your new role as Co-Leader of the EtsyKids Team! Thanks for all that you do for EKTT and EtsyKids!

  2. Thank you, Lilikins, for all you do for our team! I love your Welcome to the Jungle gift set and the Dots All Deer set. Beautiful work!

  3. Congratulations on your feature! It was so nice to find out new things about you, like you ride in the back of the motorcycles and that you love punk rock. You are such an important part of the team, thank you for all the time you put into it. Congrats!

  4. Thank you all for your very kind comments, I sincerely appreciate them. (and Ana - thanks for noticing that "other side"!)

  5. Congratulations Lilikins on your new promotion! Let me know if there is ever anything that I can do to help out more. I'm trying hard to find time to post more and become more of a asset to the group. But, I get sidetracked with orders so easily, so if you see me falling behind just give me a good kick in the rear. :0)

  6. I don't think we'll be doing any kicking, but thank you!

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